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23-Nov-2017 00:34

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Getting in Touch With Your Sensitive Side Putting Your Heart into the Relationship Signs That Work Well With Pisces Community Q&A Pisces men can be wonderful romantics, so maybe they're a little pie-in-the-sky. On the other hand, they can often be insecure, needing reassurance from time to time.The best and easiest way to get a Pisces Man to like you is to just be yourself: a little flirty and mysterious, but nothing in excess.The Pisces guy is like an endangered species that requires special protections.It's tough, first of all, being so sensitive, and male.

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That doesn’t mean it’s all about sex, he still wants passion and meaning behind the encounter. Tightening his money belt might be an issue for him.If need be, he can be thrifty but it’s not something he’ll be thrilled with. He will need to sense that you’re committed and still into him, or he may stray. The symbol for Pisces is two fish moving in opposite directions. A Pisces man will always have inner turmoil, constantly trying to find a balance between his rational side, and his impulsive side. The Pisces man will want to keep his life stress free.

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