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We’ve been doing all the disguising hits and making people’s dreams come true.Then I’ve got pantomime at Christmas, another album out and a concert tour.A tall older man approaches and explains that he hasn't liked an actor as much as Barrowman "since the days of Adam West." Barrowman smiles and, subtly, winces. But on the conjoined superhero TV series "Supergirl," "The Flash," "Legends of Tomorrow" and "Arrow" — the hub show of an "Arrowverse" developed by Northwestern University alum Greg Berlanti — heroes are still light, soapy, somehow simultaneously serious and nuts. MOST READ ENTERTAINMENT NEWS THIS HOURMerlyn, who just returned for the fifth season of "Arrow" on CW, is the archenemy of the Green Arrow, and a tortured character on a tormented show: He is grim, a master assassin and father of the sister of the Green Arrow.Oh yes well the biggest audience at the moment is over here.

On Saturday during the Legendary Comics panel at Awesome Con in Washington, DC, a brand new Barrowman project was announced, which sounds like yet another in a long line of creative titles perfectly suited to his sensibilities.

Nobody knows who ITV is in America; nobody knows who Channel 5 is. All the other channels’ shows play on BBC America so everybody thinks they’re the BBC.