Need help updating ps3 error

16-Nov-2017 21:24

need help updating ps3 error-54

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On June 19, Sony may have rendered your PS3 unusable due to releasing firmware update 4.45 and bricking some consoles.

They should be able to help resolve network connectivity issues by determining if your router is properly set up to communicate with the other devices on your home network.

If the connection test was unsuccessful, your Wii will display an error code.

An incompatible assets error has been found on the PS3 version, meaning affected users can't access fully populated servers.

The brief 1.29 update patch notes from Rockstar confirm: "Contains a range of updates to anti-cheat measures and additional bug fixes."One fan who recently updated their game has reported that they are still experiencing some hacking problems, commenting: "So much for anti-cheating measures, as I have spent the better part of an hour blowing up every 30 seconds due to the giant teacup and bonfire put on me by the hackers you got rid of."Fans continue to experiment with new ways to play GTA 5, this time rigging the game up to a hydraulic motion platform, usually used at amusement parks and in simulators.

However, if 4.45 bricked your machine then the process of getting it working again is a little more involved.

First up, you’re going to need a USB flash drive with at least 168MB of free space on it.

Another love of his is being able to share his knowledge to others seeking it.So, with Safe Mode activated and a controller plugged in, insert your flash drive and select option 6 “System Update.” Then press Select and Start at the same time to initiate the update from the USB stick.If you experience the error code NW-4-7, it's typically caused by either information stored on your device that needs to be updated or an Internet connectivity problem.I phoned the PS3 Helpline earlier this morning and I was the first one to tell them about this problem apparently.. Youtube have upgraded their flash and PS£ systems dont support it. :(well ive downloaded flash player, but the problem is when you go on a site you need flash player for it still comes up with for this site you need flash player please download or something like you havent got the plug- ins or somethning along tthose lines can someone help me with getting msn messenger on ps3 please..

buty thats what is was saying for my brother because he wanted to play runescape and then he finally got too soo there will be away somehow..

=p You need the latest version of Java for Rune Scape.

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