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06-Feb-2018 18:19

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We think you'll see that Farmer's Only has won the niche dating game for rural singles. Those who enjoy the outdoors oriented farmer lifestyle and values tend to report high satisfaction with the type of people they meet on the site.Farmers Only boasts that it is the starting place for over 100 marriages, and many of the online reviews indicate that the primary draw to the website was the ability to find those people who understood the "farmer lifestyle." Farmers Only charges a fairly normal amount (compared to other dating sites) but doesn't offer the services or membership numbers to back it up.Jerry Miller, a marketing executive who founded the site in 2005 after a divorced farm owner complained to him about a lack of like-minded people in her dating pool, says it has more than 200,000 subscribers."She said, 'I'm afraid I'm not going to meet anybody new—I know everybody in town,'" Miller recalled in a recent interview with Yahoo News.He then spent six months researching singles in farming communities.Welper recalled, "I was looking for a dairy farmer. Welper said, "I could have gone out to the bars, and I did.I had horrible experiences." So Welper went online to a dating website called Farmers While we appreciate that this site has found its niche, it's a little one-note for us.When you first come to Farmers Only, the site looks professionally made and updated.

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Farmers Only, which boasts members from all 50 states, has pockets of urban users, too.293 complete, place o'clock hour about a hasn't ever seen great start to prosperous year in 2015.

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