Pa laws on dating violence dating record block planes

10-Sep-2017 00:24

Dating violence includes: Dating violence often starts with emotional abuse.

You may think that behaviors like calling you names or insisting on seeing you all the time are a "normal" part of relationships.

Physical custody can also be supervised, when an agency or another adult monitors the interaction between the parent and child.*There are two main forms of custody, physical and legal: Physical custody is the actual physical possession and control of a child (a person under 18 years old).

You can visit PA Where to Find Help for local resources and legal assistance.

You can visit PA Where to Find Help [/gethelp_state.php?

If the legislation passes, Pennsylvania would become the sixth state to require dating violence prevention education.

The Power and Control Wheel, from the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project shows patterns of abusive and violent behaviors and how they overlap.Dating violence happens to people of all races, cultures, incomes, and education levels.