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The Zambia-born author has said: ‘With Mokhiniso beside me I look forward eagerly to each day. She is the perfect lover and companion.’ Smith is not the only blockbuster writer to share the creative load with others.

Bayes' key contribution was to use a probability distribution to represent uncertainty about \(\theta\ .\) This distribution represents 'epistemological' uncertainty, due to lack of knowledge about the world, rather than 'aleatory' probability arising from the essential unpredictability of future events, as may be familiar from games of chance.

Now Harper Collins has announced that it is to publish six Wilbur Smith books – the first being a sequel to his 1993 novel River God, set in ancient Egypt, and due to come out for Christmas 2014, marking his half century as an author.

A lunch invitation was soon followed by a successful proposal of marriage.

Modern 'Bayesian statistics' is still based on formulating probability distributions to express uncertainty about unknown quantities.

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In 1763, Thomas Bayes published a paper on the problem of induction, that is, arguing from the specific to the general.

Renowned philosopher and theoretical psychologist Ken Wilber, now 55, has devoted himself to integrating Eastern and Western philosophical systems.